Metro Bulot Dodo I have recovered it./ What? Eternity./ It is the sea/ Matched with the sun.
The Year In Muses 2013 | Four Pins

One of my besties saw this, and to my surprise/horror/girlish embarrassment it seems that total strangers notice me!

I suppose I ought to start planning to come out (without the same sex partner-bit) as it were.

Also, you guys! You make me blush.

Xo, mbd

Hello all,

I am back, and will be posting steadily, henceforth.

I will also be starting a second tumblr with photos of items I am selling from my personal collection along with information about where you can buy the advertised garments (and accessories from my collection of Hermes and Celine things.)

This tumblr will continue to feature items from my personal collection — items that, in the majority, are not for sale. However, I will try to style things that are for sale in the photos when appropriate.


Celine by Phoebe Philo - Collarless Tunic Cotton Poplin Dress Shirt 

Celine Resort 2011 - Edge Gold Plated Metal Bow Choker lined with lamb

100 Denier Tights in Aubergine

Top photo shoes: Balenciaga AW 2010 “Lego” Loafers with Paneled Wood Block Heels

Bottom photos: Celine AW 2012 Silver Foil Pointed Toe Pumps with Exaggerated Heels sz 37.5 (NIB For Sale)

Vanilla with chocolate milk and marshmallow fudge #sprinkles #lunch

Vanilla with chocolate milk and marshmallow fudge #sprinkles #lunch

My Instagram: so you can feel less like a stalker...

Hey everyone. I’ve got some major project related to Japanese fashion opening to the public this year. As such, I will likely have to learn more about social media and “come out” as it were.

I appreciate the five of you who know who I am have kept it secret for such a long time — I do have a non-fashion related career, for the most part (though I am hoping to pioneer the initial incorporation of both fields.)

To the end of slowly revealing more of my personal life, I invite you to add me to your Instagram accounts. Since I’m inviting you, you won’t even feel that you have to lurk, right?

Welcome then, to thefakeMBD - an Instagram. Feedback is welcome.

Cheers, mbd

Some garments from my archive I will be posting for sale in the near future —


Balenciaga Aw 2002 Wool Knit Top with Athletic Details

Balenciaga AW 2002 Fitted Skirt with Ruffled Panel Hem

Ann Demeulemeester AW 2010 Open Toe Platform Buckled Wedge Sandals with Leather Panel (not Blanche)


Ann Demeulemeester AW 2007 Short Wool Pleated Wrap Skirt

RARE Yohji Yamamoto x Jacqueline Schnabel collaboration Booties with Red Cone Heels

I’ll be returning to regular programming shortly — my laptop, on which all my photos are stored, is going into the shop…




#lunch #cupcakes

#lunch #cupcakes

Beach bums #miami #chrisf #mbd #celine (at Ocean Drive, South Miami Beach, FL)

Beach bums #miami #chrisf #mbd #celine (at Ocean Drive, South Miami Beach, FL)

A thorough survey of the hotels of New York City. (w. V Chavez)
#nyc #vic #mbd #60LES (at 60 LES Blue Ribbon Sushi)

A thorough survey of the hotels of New York City. (w. V Chavez)
#nyc #vic #mbd #60LES (at 60 LES Blue Ribbon Sushi)

Harnden (at IF Soho)

Harnden (at IF Soho)